• web design Brixton
  • web designer Brixton
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  • web designer South London
  • web design Brixton
  • web designer Brixton
  • web design South London
  • web designer South London
  • web design south London

Web Design Brixton, South London

MACMOO | Search Engine Friendly Websites Built To Exacting Standards | MADE IN BRIXTON, SOUTH LONDON.


Gareth McConnell | Web Designer Brixton, South London | SEO Consultant

Web Design

I build and launch search engine friendly websites that are ready to drive you visitors to your products or services. Ranking in search engines for your company name or brand alone won't make you any more successful than you already are. It's important to target your online audience by making your website work for you. I do this by researching your market, examining your competitors and targeting keywords that will convert into sales and leads.

Key Experience

SEO Specialist – Knight Frank

2009 - present

Knight Frank specialise in high-end residential and commercial property through 370 offices in 48 countries. For 4 years I have been successfully growing the company's global search ranking and organic traffic volume by introducing a clearer and more hands on-site SEO approach. Combined with with advanced off-site search techniques and smart PR and social media techniques the Knight Frank network has recorded a 110% rise in visitor numbers over my 4 years.

Global Visas - Online Editor

2008 - 2009

Immigration in the UK is a multi-billion pound industry. £5 billion is invested in the London property market every year alone. Global Visas specialises in global mobility securing work permits and visas for skilled migrant workers from around the world. Through optimising targeted content, editing the company blog and engaging with the audience, the SEO strategy paid off delivering on high keyword rankings and conversions and an audience that felt more informed and trusting of the brand.

Studio Operator – Westminster Live

2006 - 2007

Working in a live studio environment, broadcasting interviews and studio debates live and pre-recorded to millions of viewers around the world is a very impressive and exciting job to do. You get to meet all kinds of interesting people, even some A-list celebrities. Television is the predecessor to the Internet and a lot of those skills are transferrable no matter what form of media you use to reach your audience.


Database Administrator –International News Media

2005 - 2005

My ticket to London and beyond the back wood of Belfast. International News Media began realising the value of their back catalogue of global news papers so brought in a team of database administrators to digitise and index every article in every newspaper published. This was a vast project involving keyword assimilation and categorisation. This was the type of job designed for machines, but until machines are capable of delivering on the mammoth task, Irish migrants were given the responsibility.

Web Assistant – HM Treasury

2005 - 2006

I shared a lift with Gordon Brown once when I worked at the Treasury. It was a very short journey, just him and I and we were only going up 2 or 3 floors. During our short, shared ascent to the Ministry of Georgian windows overlooking Whitehall I discovered something about the former-PM. He quiet. I worked on the design and launch of the PBR and Budget Report, 2 years in a row, creating the micro-site, editing graphics, style sheets, layouts and managing the content.

BBC Northern Ireland – Web Assistant/ Assistant Producer

1999 - 2005

During these years the BBC Newsroom in Belfast was the busiest outside of London. I wanted a piece of that action so started working as a Runner doing the 0530-0900 shift before starting my day job as a Web Assistant with Online. This was my first introduction to building websites and targeting specific subsets of an audience. I received official BBC Training and Development and when I started as an Assistant Producer for BBC 3 I was trained in broadcasting to my audience.

What i do

SEO Consulting London

SEO Consulting

I'm fluent in this craft. I have been doing on-site and off-site SEO for several years. Keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, social media and content creation are all skills I deploy to increase organic traffic ethically.

SEO Specialist London

Site Analytics

Do you know how your site is really performing? Audience behaviour, traffic sources, site content, bounce rates and keyword conversions all paint a complex autobiography. I can translate into plain English.

Web design Brixton

Web design

The look and feel of your site is as important to me as the site architecture and the overall visitor experience. I build pretty websites that have an immediate visual impact to visitors and websites immediately crawlable to search engines.

Do you have a project and you want to work with me, feel free to drop me a line.

Get in touch with me

My skills

What i can do


Web design
Social Media & Content


Gareth is a motivated individual who is a pleasure to deal with at all times. A true Professional who has done wonders for our SEO ratings.

Andrew Anath / Head of Data, Carter Jonas

Gareth's knowledge base and understanding of website development and profiling is second to none - I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Karen Honey / Contract Manager, Camden Council

Working alongside Gareth over the past few years I have been totally amazed at what he has achieved for Knight Frank. His skills in SEO are second to none. It's been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve together.

Giles Henderson / Associate Director, Media & Channels at VML Qais

Gareth is very dedicated to SEO and competitive when it comes to Google rankings. He's very creative minded and enjoys his work a lot, I'd recommend his keyword and link building skills as an excellent resource to any company.

Mel Abert / IT Operations Manager

My work

Work I put my name to

  • Web design Brixton +

    Opulently Driven

    Web Design/ Search Engine Optimisation

  • web design brixton +

    Grand Prairie

    Living life in London like a rolling stone...

  • Web design South London +

    Finca Miel

    Targeting Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch...

  • Web Designer South London +

    Knight Frank International

    SEO Specialist

  • Web design Brixton +

    Knight Frank local

    SEO Specialist

  • web design Brixton +

    The Commons Private Practice

    Private doctor in Barnes

  • Web Design Brixton +

    Multilingual SEO

    Arabs in Moscow, Oligarchs in Dubai

  • Web Design South London +

    Social Media

    YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter,

  • Web Designer South London +

    Google Places

    München, Madrid, Manama


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Web Design Brixton, South London

Name : Gareth McConnell
Email : mac@macmoo.com
Website : www.macmoo.com

My philosophy

The first step to creating a successful website is to create a website that is search engine friendly.

Get it right the first time and you won't have to do it a second.

Motivate your visitors and search engines, encourage both to come back regularly.

Building a search engine friendly website is a lot like being a good chef - get all the ingredients right and the right people will flock to you.

A good chef knows the way to their clients' hearts is through their bellies. A good SEO knows the menu must be readable and edible.